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want to buy 53 Lincoln


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I am looking for a 1953 Lincoln. I want a very presentable driver.

I would like to know if there are any common problems or areas that I should be looking out for.

Is windshield and rear window curved glass readily available?

Are the body and widow seals reproduced?

Are mechanical and tune up parts easily found?

Are ball joint kits reproduced or are they the same as the Ford and Mercury ones on later models?

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Guest palosfv3

Lincoln introduced the Y block in 1952 and it is different from the Y block used in the Ford , T-bird and Mercury built from 1953 . The early Lincolns displaced 317 ci. Suspension , brakes and many other mechanical components are Lincoln only. Brake drums are hard to find. Automatic transmission is a Hydromatic which was in many other cars of the time and is similar to those in Olds ,Cad and Buick. Parts are out there some can be a little pricey other almost dirt cheap . It just depends on what you need and who has it.

The back glass on a 52 is different from other years as it is a 3 piece rear window. I have heard that the window seals are slightly different than the Ford and Merc but have not been able to confirm yet.

The Road Race Lincoln group has a newsletter and has a limited internet response to things. Their message board seems to have been invaded by internet sales slugs trying to hawk the garbage.

Here is the link to their yahoo message board.

RoadRaceLincolns : Road Race Lincolns

There a several cars out and about for sale. Some have been up for sale for a while. 52 and 53 models are a little more difficult to come by.

Drop me a line if I can be of any help.

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