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Guest KeansClassics

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Guest KeansClassics

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrew Kean and I thought I would post some photos of my car collection so far! I have been collectiong cars and tractors for almost 7 years now. I started when I was 14 and am now almost 21. The Old Iron Hobby is addicting for sure! Currently I am working on purchasing a 1930 Ford Model A Murry Body Four Door Sedan. :D As you can tell I am always adding to my collection.

My car collection:

-1928 Dodge Victory 6 Four Door Sedan

-1946 Dodge D-24 Four Door Sedan

-1948 Plymouth P-15 Deluxe Club Coupe

-1952 International Harvester L-120 3/4 Ton Pickup Truck

-1956 Plymouth P-29 Savoy Four Door Sedan

-1958 Ford Custom 300

-1959 Edsel Ranger Four Door Sedan

-1960 Edsel Ranger Four Door Sedan (1 of 1126)

-1964 Ford F100 Flareside

-1965 Ford F250 Styleside

And for those who are into the tractors as well.

-1914 Case 40 HP Steam Engine Convertable. (1 of 13 Case Steam Rollers to exist and the only one with the factory conversion kit to take it from a Steam Roller to a Traction Engine)

-1925 McCormick Deering 15-30

-1938 John Deere A

-1942 John Deere B

-1945 John Deere B

-1947 Farmall H

-1948 Farmall C

-1948 John Deere A

-1951 John Deere B

-1951 John Deere B

-1955 Caterpillar 12 8T Roadgrader

-1956 John Deere 60

Enjoy the Pictures!

From Denton, Nebraska.

Andrew Kean











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Hhhhmmmmm... A Cat Road Grader. :) You have the rusty iron disease as bad as me! The 15-30 McCormick Deering will have a month, day, and year cast in the bottom right about under the clutch, transmission area. Yours is later than mine because it has a square governor housing. My casting date is 2 -13 - 24 and has the earlier round governor housing. My cat model 12 is serial # 6M-17 and is one of only 56 built with a G-4600 gas engine. You know you have the disease bad when you start dragging home bulldozers, and power shovels also. ;) Welcome Aboard Matey. :D Dandy Dave!

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Impressive collection for a young guy to have accumilated. Congratulations! Being an IH fan, the 52 IH pickup is my favorite. Also love the popping Johnnys. I spent a lot of days plowing on a G. It was a real workhorse.

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Guest KeansClassics

I am currently doing some repairs on the Engine to make it operational. I am putting new plumbing on the boiler and have to change out the fusible plug as well as get another injector to pass inspection. Then I will be ready to go have some fun!

From Denton, Nebraska.

Andrew Kean

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Guest Bob Zitney

Hi Andrew,

Nice collection. Do you still have 1938 Ford pick up? I bought a 1938 Ford one ton truck and need a wheel.

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