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Stolen 1936 Ford


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Dr. Robert Clark has put 21 years of blood, sweat, and tears into the restoration of his beloved 1936 Ford five-window Coupe. Not to mention a few bucks.

Yesterday, his pride and joy vanished from his home in Veradale. As far as Dr. Clark can tell, there's only one clue: a set of tire tracks that appear to be from a dual-wheel pickup. He theorizes a thief pulled up in the dually around noon Wednesday, hooked up his Ford, and simply towed it away.

Aside from being a beautiful vehicle, the Ford holds many special memories for Dr. Clark and his wife, Diane. It was the first car their grand kids ever rode in, each newborn riding shotgun in a baby seat on the trip home from the hospital. Dr. Clark and his Ford have taken part in their share of local parades, too.

Nobody deserves to have their car stolen, but after chatting with the Clarks, well, you can't help but wonder why bad things happen to good people. Dr. Clark has owned Critter Care Mobile Veterinarian for 20 years. Yes, he actually makes house calls. Diane says he's done pro-bono work for folks who've fallen on hard times, and judging from online reviews, his clients think he's the best vet in town.

We're hoping for a Christmas miracle for the Clarks, the return of their '36 Coupe. If you have any information, please contact the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.



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