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Buick Model 25-49X

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George, welcome and where are you? Post pics of the car and the data plate. That will give us something to base a value on.

From Seventy Years of Buick. "Why Buick never built this beautiful 7-passenger touring car for domestic sales is unknown. The car is the Model 29-49-X Touring, built for export only. The car featured standard wire wheels with sidemount and a built in trunk rack. Only 756 were produced."

I would say that you have a very rare master series Buick. There is a picture in the book, and it is very handsome indeed. It is based on the US version. Here is what the author says about that car model.

"The 7 passenger master Six Touring, Model 25-49, used the 128 inch wheelbase chassis. Standard equipment included the dual rear spares and covers and the windshield visor. The car sold for $1,625 and weighed 3,610 pounds. Buick built 2,826. Buick claimed that this car would easily maintain 60 to 70 mph without strain."

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The 25-49X MAY have been offered as a Mclaughlin-Buick...in 1925 GM Ltd imported both Canadian and Flint Buicks. The -49X was sold here as the 7-seat 'Monarch' Touring.

There was also a '24 version and this may interest:

The first “Royal” Buicks were various 1924 Models which were used when the then Prince of Wales opened a massive dock in Southampton, and a photo of the Prince getting into Southampton registration CR 9161 appeared in CANADIAN AUTOMOTIVE TRADE magazine of September 1924. The caption reads “At the opening of the new dry-dock at Southampton, England, just prior to his trip to Canada, HRH. the Prince of Wales used nine Canadian built McLaughlin-Buick motor cars to transport himself and [his] party. This is the first time that any but English cars have been used by British royalty in England”. The actual car was registered with CR 9161 in Southampton County Borough, but the details of the registration do not exist. It is believed that the car was actually given to him as a present, just before he sailed for Canada and just after he opened the British Empire Exhibition in April 1924 at Wembley, as the Canadian centre had a large General Motors of Canada display in it. These are the details of the two similar cars from registration records:

CR 9162 BUICK MONARCH 7-SEATER TOURING , registered in 1924

CR 9161 BUICK MAJESTIC TOURING GREY 27.3 H.P. 6-CYLINDER 1924 BORE 3 3/8 INCHES SERIAL # 89839 ENGINE # 1171579 registered 10 July 1924

On 27 June 1924 the Prince of Wales rode in CR 9162 when officially opening the Prince of Wales Floating Drydock in Southampton. Nine cars were used for the official party, and this was the first time that the Royal family had used anything other than British cars. The occasion was just before the Prince sailed for Canada, and the U.S.A., and shortly after the opening of the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley 23 April 1924, the Canadian Pavilion being the most visited. A photograph of the car with the Prince getting in was published in Canadian Automotive Trade, September 1924. It is believed that the cars were all supplied by local dealers, Southern Traction Limited of Southampton, and registered, temporarily in some cases, CR 9161 to CR 9168. Southampton City Council records show that CR 9161 was a 6-cylinder 27.3 H.P. Majestic Touring Model 24-X45 painted grey Serial # 89839 Engine # 1171579, on the short chassis. CR 9162 was it seems a 7-seater Monarch Touring Car, Model 24-X49, but as the car appears to have been sold or transferred to another County, there are no records of the issue of the number and it was not re-allocated. CR 9163 was a 4-cylinder 18.9 H.P. Majestic Touring in grey, # 81606 Engine # 1100295. CR 9164 was a four-cylinder 18.3 H.P. Model 24-X37 Saloon, Serial # 82245 Engine # 1105067. CR 9166 was a Model 24-X49 Monarch 7-seater Touring Car in yellow and blue, Serial # 91431 Engine # 0013287. Finally, CR 9168 was a 4-cylinder 18.3 H.P. Coupé in Maroon, Model 24-X33, Serial # 80773 Engine # 1110096. The missing numbers must have been for Buick cars that were sold and the numbers re-used, although in two cases we know that the numbers were allocated to 1925 Model Buicks sold by Southern Traction”.

At the Exhibition the marques exhibited included various GM of Canada-sourced cars: a Superior Chevrolet Tourer, and at least one Buick Tourer [Models 24-34 Standard Four or 24-55 Master Six], an Oakland Tourer and an Oldsmobile Tourer. The Oakland was in fact a Model 6-54A, one of 783 Oaklands built in Oshawa, and the Olds was a Model 30B six-cylinder Tourer, one of 1,481 Oldsmobiles built in Oshawa in 1924. Three photographs and a brief reference appeared in General Motors World in July 1924”.

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