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Glad to be back!

Guest Old Parts Kid

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Guest Old Parts Kid

Glad to be back after a couple of years gone. I hope all is weel with everyone and their cars. Now I still have some old internal gear parts that I need help identifying and that are for sale. (To my knowledge these are all American pre war parts) You see, as my same suggests I am way too young to know about old cars and parts but thatnks to my late grandpa, I do. I am getting married in March 2012 and these gears are sitting in my garage when the could be helping someone with their project, clearing space for me and helping me pay for my wedding. (everyone wins!) I will try to post as much as I can without being annoying in an attempt to sell these gears. I have the ability to ship anywhere in the world via USPS or UPS, so thats not an issue. So, ask any questions you might have and tell your friends that now is agreat time to get some of those OEM gears you've been looking for. :)

Thanks and have a great New Year!!!!

Images to follow

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