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1956 Buick R side exhaust manifold

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If it's an untouched original, the 53 would have the oil filler tube going directly to the valley cover. The 54 and 55 would have the Fireball V8 decals on the valve covers, and a thin disc where the harmonic balancer should be.

The 56 would have no V8 decals on the valve covers and a more common style harmonic balancer.

Also the 53 54 and 55 would only have single exhaust. The drivers side exhaust would come down in the middle of the engine and the pipe would go under the oil pan. The 56 could have either single or dual exhaust. I believe the drivers side dual exhaust exits at the rear over the starter, as opposed to coming down the middle like in the picture shown above.

There's also a way to tell by the engine number stamped on the block on one of those flat spots on the head, between the center cylinders, as shown in the picture above.

Vicky, I don't know why a 55 "right" side won't work. What's up with that?

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A couple of guys from here emailed me, they both have complete engines and are willing to remove the right side manifold for the right price... as it would make their engine imcomplete. I know these are 56 only items, but are they really worth $300 a piece? What is going on? Sanderson has a set of headers that fit the 322 for $300 and they are brand new... Is this really worth this kind of money? How much is the fact that "parting my motor makes it incomplete" affecting the pricing? What am I missing here?

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