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Guest BobD735


I agree that the photos of the car shown, depict either a 1918 or 1919 Maxwell. I question however, the dual rear windows shown in the rear view photo of the car.

This could be explained, by either a replacement of the original top, or that Maxwell changed the number of rear windows used for their 1918 and 1919 touring cars.

In the book titled "The American Auto Factory", by Olsen and Cabadas, pages 62 and 74 show rear views of 1918-1919 Maxwells, with a single rear window. (The photo captions incorrectly identify the cars as Chalmers.)

The error is understandable, as both Maxwell and Chalmers automobiles were being produced at the Maxwell/Chalmers factory during this period.

Maybe someone more familiar with the Maxwell, can explain the window discrepancy?

Thank you,


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