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Guest smarty

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I have a 65 buick wildcat that I would like to have a build sheet for. It was made in Kansas . Any help in how to go about this would be great. thanks Rick

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Guest my3buicks

Rick, have you thoroughly gone through the car? Check under the back seat and seat back, sometimes there is one tucked in between the springs, sometime found inside doors, under dash, on top of gas tank.

One of my cars was bought new by my Granddad and a build sheet has never been found (although I do have the original order form, window sticker, etc) My 72 Centurion I have found three for.

Good luck in your search.

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One location used is the top of the gas tank, if it has never been removed for any reason. On my 69 GS I found several. Between the seat bottom and it's springs, and one each tucked into the seat backs when the front seat covering was replaced. Good Luck

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Guest minkos

at a show last year I happened upon a '65 wildcat built at kansas city that displayed a build sheet. the owner said it he found it trapped between the outer and inner fender.

i think different plants hid them in different places, if at all. my south gate built wildcat had two copies of a hand-written build sheet with the model number and two order codes stuck to the underside of the rear seat. i haven't found any others yet, but the search continues.


BCA 14421

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