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Airflow production numbers

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Can anyone tell me how many Airflow Chryslers were produced or sold and how many Airstreams? And Chrysler production numbers a year or 2 before and after the Airflow?

The reason I ask is that once again the story that the Airflow is a failure has popped up. I don't believe this is true. Walter Chrysler wanted to bring out something sensational to celebrate Chrysler's tenth anniversary. The Airflow was it. They knew it was too avante garde, and too expensive, to stand alone so they made the more conventional and cheaper Airstream.

From a technical standpoint the Airflow was a trend setter. Every car maker in America copied the Airflow design. Look at the typical 1933 car, then look at the 1934-37 Airflow, then look at the typical 1938 car. They all copied the Airflow layout and Airflow silhouette. The biggest "improvement" they made was bigger fenders.

So far as I can tell the "Airflop" story was yet another rumor started by General Motors in hopes of staving off the competition from Chrysler.

Does anyone have production or sales figure and prices of Airflow vs Airstream? I already did a web search with no result.

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Producion, all series combined

1934 Airflow 2,450

1934 CA & CB 25,252

1935 Airflow 7,751

1935 C6 & CZ 33,755

1936 Airflow 6,285

1936 C7 & C8 52,946

Price was another important factor. In 1935, the highest volume year for the Airflow, the base price of the highest volume selling Airflow was $1,245 while the C6 Airstream Six was $860. In comparison, in 1935 Buick Series 40 sold 38,520 cars in the Airstream price range and 6,536 Series 50 cars in the Airflow price range. I've never believed the Airflow was a flop but rather lower sales volume because of higher price.

1937 Airflow 5,800

1937 C17 & C14 100,320

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