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1947 buick convertibel rear wooden bow needed!!

Guest ls6man

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I have a 1947 Buick super and the top rack assembly is excellent conition , however I have learned it is missing one rear bow and I am told it is made of wood. Would anyone know of one in very good condition, not rotted etc that may be for sale with the brackets needed.

thank you

Please email me at ls6@tulsacoxmail.com


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Bob's Automobilia has listed that they have these available. I will be ordering for my two 47 Buick convertibles. So, I would like to know how they fit. Not cheap, but if someone has an old one, they could possibly take it to the Amish in PA and see what they would charge. I have one that is 90% complete, but I need to see a picture of a complete one before I would try and take it to the Amish to quote some. It is in my near future plans..............I'll let you know how I work things out from this angle.:D

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