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1917 light six touring

ed burke

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Hi All, I need some help trying to figure out what this car is worth. What I know for sure---The car has been sitting in the same spot for about 7-8 years and started occasionally. It was started sometime last year, needs paint, top,and upholstery. There are some patterns for the seats and door panels. Old top bows are there but some end pieces missing. Fuel line is plugged (tank too probably). Electric fuel pump. Also what would the car be worth when completed. I am not looling for a high point show car just a nice driver that can have some fun with. Don't know how to downsize pics so Its Photobucket.


Thanks ED:):):)

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I am not an expert, not even an amateur, at old car values, but as I look closely at your pictures, I see some high quality work that has already been done. Might be a rare exception as far as value, to carry on with a show quality restoration. Today's markets for these cool old teenagers doesn't even seem fair, especially compared to the cost of restoration.

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