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1948 4.45 to 1 ratio rear end in a '54


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If it was me engineering such an animal, I'd consider popping the fan off and replacing it with dual electrics.

When I had my 66 Gran Sport with the 4 speed, I had trouble keeping water pumps. Of course, back then I was buying rebuilts as opposed to new pumps and the pump casing was all aluminum. Anyway one time one of the pumps came with a warning not to exceed 35 MPH in first gear. I'm not sure how duch more durable the 54's is than the 66 but no point putting so much additional stress on the WP hub bearing when you're going to be pushing all those RPMs.

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Thanks Joe, I was hoping you would chime in. I would have no problem swapping it out every now and then depending on if I wanted to cruise cross country or taking on tri-five chevies at the local drag strip.

Closest experience I had to this set up was about 45 years ago with a 57 Chevy with a 327 and Muncie 4 speed and 4:11 rear end. Couldn't keep the front wheels on the ground or universal joints from snapping.

good point about the rpms being hard on the water pump JD

anybody else have any opinions of how this set up might work.

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Dang, I forgot that, JD.

Lamar, we all know that car before it has even been started!

Start building. Stop shopping....

Well, except for racing slicks. You are gonna go through those things like retired athletes (and fat radio personalities) go through pain pills.

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