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1928 Chrysler 72 roadster Top Irons and Bows

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The number I posted is for Mel I also suggest you make it a point to contact restorer32 as he is very active on this forum. The Chrysler historical society was very helpful when I needed irons for a model 75 I restored once they were able to send factory blueprints of the irons.

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There are numerous utube videos on how to steam bend wood for a variety of applications on a car or boat. Or you could laminate them. When I had my irons repaired by John Bouranakis in Dairy CA I just had him make three bows as well. The dimension he needed was the measurement across the pivots where the irons mount to the body, minus 1" to give it some tension. To get the length between the end of the irons and the actual bow I drew it up in autocad. I could manipulate so I could see it up, or down. So for my project it worked out at 7.5" This is a 2 person Chevrolet top going onto a 28 depression style RP. 

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