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The best of OLD CARS WEEKLY.


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A few years ago, for $10, I picked up Vol II, III & IV of "THE BEST OF OLD CARS WEEKLY" at a local flea market. It took a few weeks to get through them but what a great source of old articles, ads etc for any old car enthusiast.

Did they ever do a Vol V, VI, VII etc ???

Just checked Ebay and could only find II & III.

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I also have all 6 books. They began when Old Cars was a monthly publication and we waited anxiously for it to arrive. Never had a backlog on the "to read


I bought all 6 "Best of Old Cars" as they became available.

To bad they quit that, I always thought it was the best use of paper and old stories. I would guess that the stories without the ads didn't generate enough sales revenue.

I bet they could sell differnt collections like:

The Best of Old Cars Pre-Teen Car Stories

" " " " " Ford Stories

" " " " " Brass Era Car Stories

" " " " " Mopar Tales

" " " " " Glidden Tour Adventures

" " " " " Austin Clark Articles

" " of whatever you could think up to fill these books that we'll keep forever, or our estate sale, whichever somes first.

How many of you wish you'd save some or a lot of those great old articles

or could find them today even if you saved them?

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