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Proper adhesive?


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3 M Super weather strip adhesive, That is the name of the stuff you need. Walmart has it in small tubes, Napa wants $13.98 for a bigger tube. There are clips that hold this moulding on originally.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Looks like the rear clip could be carefully removed from the trim strip, remounted to the car and reused. Doesn't appear the front one has anything to grip on the strip anymore so you might as well remove it from the car and save it for future use.

Clear silicone sealant will also work well to attach the strip back on the car.

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I have used silicone caulking for applications like this. Once it dries, it is waterproof and strong. The biggest drawback is you need to hold it in place overnight. Tape works well.

I use it to hold emblems on hubcaps and have even used it to hold radio speakers in place (not on a Reatta) often older cars have a bracket that holds the speaker under the dash, when you get a replacement speaker, it always seems to be different than the original and the bracket seldom works. Put a bead of silicone around the mounting surface, position it under the dash and use something to hold it in place for about 12 hours. I usually used a scrap of wood and placed it on the speaker magnet than down to the transmission tunnel (you cut it to length before putting the speaker in place)

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