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Rebuilt Radio Modules


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We're now selling rebuilt radio modules!

A common Reatta problem is that the capacitors inside the radio will leak, and make your radio pop and crackle, and just make your radio sound terrible.

If you don't have the right specialty tools or know how to fix your radio yourself, we can fix that! We offer overhauled modules with all the problem parts replaced. We test them to make sure they function just as they're supposed to. We offer a 2 year unconditional warranty on our modules.

The root module is the same for all '88-'91 Reattas. In '88 and '89, the module is located inside the center console. On the later cars, it is located directly behind the head unit in the dash.

If you're getting tired of crappy sound coming from your radio, solve your problem today!

We're selling them for $125 each with free shipping, and a $15 refundable core charge. Call us at 919.233.1973 or email at Orders@EastCoastReattaParts.com to order!

We also have a ton of other Reatta parts available. IPCs, headlight switches, tail lights, CD player upgrade kits, NOS 89-91 hood ornaments, 6x9" speaker upgrade brackets, floor mats, door panels, interior trim, exterior trim, body panels, vent windows, mirrors, radios as well as fully overhauled headlight motors with a lifetime guarantee.

Lots of other stuff too numerous to list here. We sell to one and all, end users, garages, dealers, whoever. We want to help YOU solve the problems with your Reatta. Give us a call today: 919.233.1973

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