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Mercedes-Benz 680s

Dave Mellor NJ

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Dave, the car was featured in this full-page ad in "MoToR," January 1929, but not mentioned

in the two-page article covering the "European Sports Cars" present at the NY show.




Larger, a detail of the ad's very dramatic artwork.

I would bet that the January and/or February, 1929 issue of "Autobody" would have more info,

and those issues can be found at the NAHC at the Detroit Public Library. Three M-B customs

by Saoutchik are mentioned in the mag's February, 1929 issue with the National Show wrap.

If they can't find a 1929 NY Auto Show program at the AACA Library, contact the Benson Ford

Research Center in Dearborn, as that is the repository of Henry Austin Clark's archive,

much of it as yet un-catalogued. There are 1928 & 1929 NY Salon programs in Box 6 of their

Automotive Related Programs Coll. 1986-1991, from Clark's collection.


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Found my "New York Show Number" of Automobile Topics, Jan. 12, 1929, with some pics y'all may enjoy.

Held at the Grand Central Palace, they depict the Main Salon and the small M-B display with the 680S

and the 4dr Saoutchik Transformable Torpedo.






Looking South, note the open platforms beneath 47th Street; the Palace faced Lexington Avenue, at left.

A pretty cool short film of the area around Grand Central in 1927.


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