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Claimed to be a 1902 Ford


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This particular vehicle has been sporadically all over the internet for the last 3 years. Apparently it was offered for sale around 2008 or 2009 for $375,000.

The body plates read "Ford Motor Company", even though that company did not exist in 1902, and the script used didn't appear in FoMoCo products for a few years after the company was founded in 1903. It looks nothing like the believed appearance of the known runabouts produced by Henry Ford's previous companies (Detroit Automobile & Henry Ford Co.). It also appears to be nothing like the subsequent Ford Model A and later FoMoCo products, and unless I and several others are wrong those lights are too new to be from 1902 (and probably electric).

If it was produced by Henry Ford (or was somehow associated with him) in 1902, then the Ford badges on the vehicle had to have been applied years after the vehicle was built.

Model T Ford Forum: 1902 Ford Truck

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I dunno Dave, the stakesides on the bed have a certain vintage look...

Vintage Radio Flyer, that is. As for the black grille under the seat, it's

reminscent of a floor furnace grate, circa 1940. Give the builder credit

for the front axle setup, but demerits for the mis-matched tiller and

brake handle knobs. (Assuming it is a brake handle and not a throttle

lever for the Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine).



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Even more tellingly, with dozens of images of this vehicle available online, not one image of it's engine or drivetrain apparently exists. Never-the-less it has made it's way into a number of fairly prominent web sites.

ctcobra02? 1921 Ford Pickup Photo 3 - 1921 Pickup Photo Gallery ? Street Rodder

I kind of like the nick-name, "Chit" but I think they misspelled it.:D

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Horn is 1909 era and the "headlamps" seem to be sidelamps from a 1912 Cadillac. As far as the car, such are the blessing of a free society, you may call it an elephant if you like. Just be aware that if you were to sell it while calling it a 1902 Ford, that would be fraud.

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Guest rayjay1902

the owner would never sell the car. the ads that were put up were from people who didn't like the car. I know the car was built in the 1940s and has always been used to raise money for charity's , mostly children and mentally handicapped

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