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42' Panel Van Gas Tank ?

Big Mark

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Hi Brothers, I am looking for a new or good used gas tank for my 1942 Dodge 1/2 ton Panel Van.

the old one was rotten and removed when I bought the truck.

Does anybody know what years might fit this truck?

or do you know someone who can make one?

thanks, Mark Ounan

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There are a lot of gas tanks available new including universal fit or hot rod tanks. The only thing to do is measure your old tank, or measure the available space and start looking.

Gas tanks can be modified if necessary at least the metal ones. Holes can be welded or soldered, fill pipes added or relocated as necessary.

Brand new tanks for late model cars cost as little as $80. For older model cars, $150 to $250. You could even have one made from scratch but that would run into $$$$ money.

Or you could visit a junkyard with a measuring tape. You never know your luck.

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