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1964 cadillac molding

Guest joe buick

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Guest joe buick

Hey Guys, I'm looking for a molding for a 64 Coupe DeVille.

In the shop manual it's called "Rear end side belt molding" The one i need is right side.

this is the molding that goes on the rear piller at the bottom of the vynal top

if anyone has a nos or really mint one please let me know.



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Guest joe buick

Thank you Jeff, I have a real nice one with 1 pit in it, the one thats on my car is super mint but the body guy broke off one of the pins, I have to put it back when the top goe's on (painting it now) never restored one of these i would not know how to get that finish in the center i think its painted.

Let me know what you come up with


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