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Plastic covers over the signal lamps - 1964 Riv


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I'm attaching 2 pics of the plastic covers that go between the grills and the signal lights. Some of the screw holes are broken off on them. Except for the issue with the screw holes, these are much better than mine. A couple questions:

1) Will they still stay in place without the screws going through the holes?

2) Mine are pretty bad - discolored and one has a real big crack in it. With some creative engineering and my old ones as donors, do you think these can be "fixed" by cutting and epoxying/gluing?

3) Are these things hard to come by? Repopped?




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I'm not sure about how difficult it is to find a good used set but they are being reproduced. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page...

Thanks, Al. That's way out of my price range for something that isn't "needed". I appreciate the link.


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Brian, these sandwich between the grilles and the housings. Pretty snug fit and won't move when placed on the housings. Screw holes are more for alignment than holding in place. I wouldn't let the minor defects at the screw holes deter me if these were better than mine.

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