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Need to "unbrassify" my windshield frame


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My car was restored circa 1956. The restorer brass plated the windshield frame, which looked nice, but is incorrect. After over 50 years, the brass plating is wearing away. I have the choice of replating or going original.

I'd like to return my windshield frame back to its original condition -- painted black.

I am assuming I can't paint over the brass. What's the best way to remove the brass so I can put on a nice coat of primer? Can I take it to a chemical stripper or plater to have the brass removed in order to get down to base metal?

Thanks in advance.

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Platters can remove any type of plating by either an acid bath or reverse polarity plating. Both methods will cause some pickling to the surface and will probably require some sanding before painting. Paint sticks to clean brass. Clean the tarnish off first with a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water and fine steel wool or scotch bright pad. You will do less scrubbing if you can soak brass in the vinegar/water mixture.

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