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Die cast 53 Skylark model kit


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I posted this on the AACA general forum but I thought I would post here also. I was cleaning out my shed and found a Buick 1953 Skylark die cast model. It is the Ameican Graffitti one that you have to build. It is 1;18 scale and it is a convertible primered in grey. The box has not been opened. I purchased it quite a few years ago and was going to build it but never did. Can anybody tell me if it has any value, I might sell to someone looking for one. I do have photos and can email them to you. Please let me know if you have an interest of information


Chuck Kerls



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The first thing that we need to know is who made the Model. It could make a big difference in value. I see some newer diecast 53 Skylarks on the web, but it does not sound like the buildable one that you have. Dandy Dave!

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