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2012 Nationals, any Reatta guys live near the show that can assist?


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I know its a bit early to think about shows, but I am planning out for next summer anyways.

I will be coming to the show, and would have liked to bring a car, but I do not have the time to bring one or drive one down, due to a show the week prior in KC. I will be flying down for this one.

What I am curious about is this, if another BCA member would consider holding a car ( my 91 Reatta vert) for me. I would have it shipped down, then picked up after the show.

I know it may be a bit of a hassle and i would be happy to compensate someone if this hair brained idea comes to reality.

My email address is Marklob@gmail.com

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I've actually got a couple inquiries of a similar nature recently. There are probably numerous options related to storage of cars or cars and trailers at or near the 2012 National Meet location. I guess it depend on the requirements of the car owner (i.e. must be indoors, security, free vs. pay, proximity to the host location, etc, etc) So call me and we'll see what you need and start utilizing the local Buick network to see what options can work for you. I do ask that you contact me as early as possible as the closer to the meet the less time I will have to help.

I will note publicly on this forum that there is a car storage location near by called the Autobarn. Their website is AutoBarn Classic Cars : AutoBarn Classic Cars. They also sell cars on consignment which is their primary business. They are in a portion of a large old textile mill and the space for storage of cars is indoors, climate controlled and spacious. Obviously this is not a free storage option and I believe they charge $100-$120 per month per car. I assume you could probably negotiate shorter terms. The Carolina BCA and Carolina GSGN clubs just held a combined Christmas party at the Autobarn. I could inquire with the manager for some sort of BCA rate but I honestly think all that if an interested individual mentioned it was specifically related to the BCA and this event they would take good care of you without any help from me. I understand this option may not be at all what SOME people would want to do for storage but it is an option I can publicly offer on the forum.

And in case anyone care no one with the Carolina Chapter, etc has any interest in the business they are completely independent.

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Thanks Guys,

I am going to take Marck up on his offer to help out. Short drive with the top down will be fun.

Barney and Brian

Maybe this information could be posted in other locations on this site.

This is just one more reason why the BCA is so enjoyable to be part of!

A safe and joyous Christmas to all.

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