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Parting out a 1964 Riviera


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I am new to this forum so I apologize, in advance, if I am posting this in the wrong place.

I am parting out this 64 Riviera. It has power windows, power seat, and wood inserts on the dash and door panels. The car is fairly complete. It is missing the bumpers and rear seat.

I do have most of the trim (inside the car)

If there is anything you need or want, you can contact me at VDonato@nycap.rr.com

518 765 3893 Home

or 518 227 2083 Cell.


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What shape is your dash board in? Any cracks? (I have two with cracks now.)

Some of the more rare things that guys might be looking for would be:

  • four note horns, - two large trumpets attached to the underside of the hood
  • rear defroster, - in the package tray
  • power vent windows,
  • rear arm rest - folds down between the rear seats
  • cornering lights - in the front turn signal housing
  • Guide matic - automatically dims headlights - looks like a torpedo on the dash
  • Twilight sentinel - automatically turns on headlights when dark - disk on dash
  • Power vent windows

Parts that are in demand

  • Good clips that hold the horseshoe moldings on
  • Good tail light bezels and lenses

The guys on this forum are just like kids, they love to look at pictures - the more you post, the more you'll sell.


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I'd like to see pics of the big plastic pieces that go between the front blinkers and the grills. Both sides if you have them.

If the power seat works well, I may be interested in that. It depends on the amount of work to get a non-PS car converted. I started another thread with that question.

Does it have remote trunk release?

I'm posting this here instead of emailing so other can see responses which will cut down on duplicate emails. If you prefer all inquiries via email, let me know.

Jim made a good point in the carb thread. What are you asking for the carb and all the linkage, etc.? Pics would be good to determine if it's the original. I _think_ the numbers should be stamped into the carb body where the arrow in the pic shows.




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Guest Kinmann

I'd be interested in the tailpan that houses the brake lights, complete from one side to the other. Also, rear lower quarters behind the rear wheels.

Please let me know



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