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'54 Buick Jack

Fred Zwicker

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1954 Buick Jack: I am wondering if I have the correct jack for this car? In addition to the end being broken off on the small section, looking at drawings in one of my Buick books, do not feel it is the same. Of course there is always the possibility that jacks were furnished by various suppliers. If my jack is incorrect, I will want to start searching for an original quickly. If it is correct, we should be able to repair the small piece, but it won't be easy. Please let me know what you think about this.

Spare Mounting: Also when mounting the spare, I have a 2" long (approximate) hex nut that is used to hold the spare tire in place and I am wondering if this nut is used alone, or is it used to hold the base of the jack in place against the metal spare tire wheel? I have seen pictures of both. Since there is no spring to hold the jack post, jack components and lug wrench for the '54 Buick such as was done in 1955, I am wondering if Buick furnished a jack storage bag at time of purchase? Either way, I do not want the jack moving around inside the trunk, as it will quickly damage the trunk lining, so will keep my jack in the jack storage bag, which I will make. I already have a black one, but may want to make a light brown bag to more closely match the trunk lining. For judging, I will also bring a copy of the accessory sheet that was posted on one of the forums for backup proof that bag was an optional accessory. If you look closely at the attached pictures of an original jack storage bag, you will see that this bag has a sewn-in compartment at top of bag and this area exactly fits the base of the jack., which leads me to think that the spare is held in place only by the 2" long hex nut, which attaches to a long angled bolt.







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