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88-89 reatta power window&mirror labels

Buick City

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Buick City-

I am not aware of any reproduction labels presently available. The only way to get new ones is to buy the entire switch, and I don't think there is any remaining stock of NOS switches, except in privately held stashes of parts. In other words, none available through a dealer.

Reproducing the labels is a project that I have planned, but has been on the back burner since my initial attempt at making new overlays was not satisfactory. I am going to try another approach to do these, but will be probably sometime closer to the middle of next year.

The other problem is that I had planned to offer these on rebuilt mirror/window switches with new EL backlighting installed. I have the backlighting material on hand, though it has to be custom cut for each switch assembly. Not sure yet if it will be practical to offer just the overlays for installation in the field. I will look at that as a possibility when I get the new decals made up, provided they turn out well.


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