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1930's wire wheel ID ?


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The one at the back, only parly seen, might be a Kelsey Hayes. My 1928 1/2 Studebaker Dictator GE3 has similar looking wheels but they are 5 stud where that looks to be 6 stud. Is it a 19" or 20"?

Sorry can't help on the 8 stud wheels. If the red wheel is a 17, maybe they are 18s? That would narrow the field of possibilties down by a lot. Also the rim width measurement might help. You could guess the possible tyre size by comparing it with the Ford wheel which would have used a 5.50 tyre. From memory the rim width of the 1934 Series 40 Buick I have is 4.25 which took a 6.25x16 tyre. Is there a possibility that they are from some sort of truck? There was a discussion here recently about 7 stud wheels but I have never seen 8 studs before.

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You are right of course, I should know better..that Ford wheel is 16" so that would indicate a 1935 wheel.


The wheel in the background looks like it would take a 19" tire.


Thanks for the picture. The 8 bolt wheel is a 17" now that I am measuring properly. A Buick guy is going to drop by tomorrow to see if this is from a big Buick.

Thanks guys for your input..we will get these wheels figured out.

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