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1990 Reatta Convertible White Red Int Need opinion on asking price


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Very well written ad Ervin! Good Job and Good Luck! Great Looking Ride!

Thanks. I do sympathize with Franc944 but his presentation is lacking.

On the flip side, in 18 days I've had 103 views. But during winter with 75% of America freezing their tushy off, I suspect it won't be until late spring before people seriously start thinking 'convertible'.

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I agree with the last few posts.

This is how your car should be displayed: Buick Reatta for sale | Hemmings Motor News

Now THAT is one clever and informative (and well photographed with video) listing that grabs the viewer (wink wink).

That ad just makes me want to sell my life and live out of that Reatta for the next couple years! :D

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