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Need Socket for lock nut on TC Maserati


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Here's a suggestion that worked for me on my wife's GT. The local Chrysler dealer had a copy of all the Chrysler supplied tamper proof nuts. And, believe me, I couldn't believe the various styles that were available at one time or another. Anyway, after some searching we found the correct "key" socket and at least were able to remove the lugs from the car without any damage. I then purchased a new set of lugs and was on my way again.

Hope this works for you, it's worth a try. Good luck.


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Locking wheel nuts I found are just about worthless as a deterrent to theft of ones wheels.

I had a blowout on my passenger front coming back from the bay area. Got towed off the freeway and AAA asked for the key. It was gone. He said no problem "mind if I just break it off ?" I said nope I gotta get on my way. He slapped a regular socket over the 'locking" wheel lug, hooked up his impact wrench and bingo off it went. Hooked up the spare ran four nuts to home. The locking wheel lug did'nt even really slow him down.

Take it from there.

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