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:) Here is the order for 1940-1954 straight eights from my Motors manual as per their picture of the head and tightening sequence:

20 19 18 15 14 10 22 23 26 27 30


5 4 3 2 1 6 7 8 9 rear

21 17 16 13 12 11 24 25 28 29

Cylinder head bolts torque: 60 ft. lbs. in the order above after cleaning and oiling the bolts.

Motors says to coat the head bolts with white lead and oil and tighten finger tight initially and then torque down in sequence above. I always retorqued bolts twice and once again after I ran the engine. Good luck, and have a great Christmas and New Year!

:) kaycee

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Forget the "white lead"... it's an obsolete lube used until it was banned from most countries. Machine shops used it on "live centers" while doing lathe work.

Use regular 10W or a similar oil for lubrication... any motor oil will do. Be sure the threads are clean.

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Chase threads with a tap and die using WD40, then clean oil/rust residue with brake kleen, blow dry, add a thin coat of anti seize and install. The anti seize takes the place of the lead.------just use a very thin coating


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Do you have information on torque for the harmonic balancer and flywheel

for the 1950 Pontiac flathead 8?


I have 105 ft. Lbs. for the flywheel and 95 Ft. lbs. for the balancer.


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