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Guest studepeople

Dear sir: You live in Norway and I think you would be nuts spending the money for this Cadillac I own. To ship a car that is an all original one that even though is a good fun car to use as is ...is not worth spending your money when you should buy a "better" higher points or a rarer and or open car worth more .The cost to ship from here to there is about the same on what ever car you buy. I just don't feel that you are a real buyer to me........thanks anyway

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Guest Lt Morty

I must admit I am very suprised!

I thoght it was up to me as a buyer to determine what car I would like to buy?

I know the transport costs is the same for this or that car, but I'm not looking to buy a more expensive convertible etc.

Due to WWII there were imported very little cars after 1939-1940 to Norway. And after the war everyone wanted a newer car, so theres more 1946-1948 models again.

This makes for very few 1941-1942 models of any kind over here! Except for military vehicles...

This is the reason I''m looking for something as ordinary as a 1941-1942 Cadillac or Buick!

But hey, I cant do more than offer my money to the seller. If the seller doesn't want to sell, then I can't do much about that...

Does make me wonder if the car really is in as good condition as advertised....

Maybe someone else wants to sell...

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