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What is the difference between Pres and Comm/Dictator doors for 34/35?

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Does anyone know the width differences between the front and rear doors used by Studebaker for 1934/35? For example, it appears that the President sedan's front and rear doors are each 2 inches wider than the Commander/Dictator, and all coupe front doors are 8 inches wider than the Commander/Dictator sedan's front door. Does anybody have any details or a data book?


Paul West

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Thanks, perfect! Any chance you have similar data for 36-37, 38-40 and 41-41 readily available? If not, please don't go through the trouble. Am exploring what a series of Pierce-Arrows might have looked like had they worked out a body sharing arangement with Studebaker after the split in 1933. Might have saved the company.

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