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request pictures of the rear end


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Does anyone have any good pictures of the rear end from all perspectives? The one under my vehicle has some welding on it and I am not sure if some welds were factory and some were done at a later date. I am not sure at this point if I can use the rear end or if I will have to replace it.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks and happy holidays to all,


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Here is a picture showing the weld on the seam of the rear end. I am not sure if I should try to locate a replacement or just run with this rear end.

Can anyone share some pro's and con's? Trying to field advice from those of you who have "been there and done that" so to speak.



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After any welding you will need to check it for being true.

The heat will tend to warp the housing.

My friend that used to help me with this has died but I was always amazed at how he would heat the housings and splash water on just the right places to warp it back the other way.

We would quite often weld spring perches or shock mounts on the racecar rear ends.

He had fixtures that he used and a long shaft that ran thru the fixtures.

I got hit on the tire once and had trouble getting the axel out, and absolutely could not even begin to get it back in without this straightening procedure.

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I have the same car 34 DR ,I can shoot a pic maybe sometime this week, also have complete 1933 Ply coupe front end, rear end, with springs and hangers, cross member, , with pedals, trans,steering wheel with colum and steering box,shocks ect. if anyone is looking.....

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