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1958 Buick Continental Kit


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Greetings all !!

I am trying to find information on the continental kits that were added to the 1958 Buicks. I have seen two versions on cars. One is a straight extention and one is center, between the bumper ends, angled extension. Are these both dealer variations or were they factory options? Is one more correct than the other?

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Guest my3buicks

There was no continental kit option from the factory - at that time it was a fairly common accessory and I am sure they were sold by many aftermarket manufacturers, and I am also sure you could have had one installed from your Buick Dealer before it left the day it was new, but while there were many authorized Buick accessories available from the dealer, the continental kit was not one of them.

Both styles you mention were certainly available at that time - I prefer the one that replaced the center bumper section thus not adding significant additional length to the car.

As you will see in another post that is currently on the forum about a 58 Limited, there are some pictures posted.

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