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Early and late 1922 Dodge serial numbers....


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I have gathered most of what I need to restore my Grand-dads 1922 Dodge Bros. touring car. As I have studied and purchased parts, I am well aware of the early and late 1922. I gather that the serial number for the last early Dodge for 1922 is 715469. My car is is serial number 741862. Here is a few questions for Dodge Bros. experts. Did Dodge use the calender year for most of year model changes? One way or the other, what month was the last early Dodge built in? I would also like to know the day of month also, if anyone knows. Next, where does my serial number of 741862 fall, late 1922 or 1923? My title calls for 1922, but you never know what could have happened. Can anyone project what month and day my car left the factory? Did the semi floating axle change come exactly on the same serial number break as mentioned above? My car does have the semi floating rear axle. Please excuse my questions, but I just want to know my Grand-dads car as good as I can.

Regards, Alan :)

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Your serial number (it is the frame number, not the engine number, correct?) shows being built in the week of July 1, 1922. By the old method of calendar year it is for sure a 22. By today's method of anything after July 1 being the next years model it would probably be a 23 but it is so close and if it is titled as a 22 I would most certainly call it a 22. According to the master parts book 9th addition the last so called 22 model was number 740000 on June 30 1922. No, DB changed when they felt the need to change, not by calendar year or model year. Late 22 started with number 725468 which shows somewhere between May 17th and June 9th 1922.

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Thanks for the input. I was wondering if information exists somewhere that would confirm what the frame serial number would be tied to, as in sedan, screenside, touring or roadster? My cars serial number of 741862 is the frame number. Also, when it comes to wheels, any way to tell which wheels my serial number should have as original?



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