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Regarding changing the time of the Judges Breakfast.

Shop Rat

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I am in the hopes that in 2012 thought will be given to not changing the start time of Judges Breakfast after the time has been set and published.

This happened at a Meet this year and not everyone got the word that it had been done. I understand the thought behind why it was done. The show field was further away than it was thought to be. It was about a half hour drive from the Host Hotel.

The decision was not exactly "last minute" but it was done after the judges that had signed up were told it would happen.

As I understand it, a sign was put up on an easle in the Hospitality Room. However, according to my VERY reliable source, it kept being taken down and leaned somewhere when someone took the easles to use elsewhere. So even though folks went into the Hospitality Room they didn't see the sign as Bill and I did not.

Luckily for us, and many others, my friend Marty Roth did see the sign and called me to let me know. I called our friend, and fellow judge, Rodger Woodrum to let him know because he was driving down from Narrows, Va. to judge the day of the show. He was grateful for the heads up.

I also came onto this forum and posted the time change. I understand that helped several others as well who had not gotten the word by any other method.

But some didn't get the word and arrived in what would have been plenty of time if the start time had not been changed.

I did feel badly for the few that didn't get the word because they were referred to at the breakfast as "late" which to me didn't really seem fair.

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