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Just had a very frustrating conversation with Advance. Made a moderate sized purchase some time ago and just received a $50 off coupon code. I need an alternator (Worldwide P8105-1.3).

Unfortunately, even though used by many cars, I cannot order for delivery at any store, only home delivery for $12+ extra.

Store has no problem getting, just apparently cannot order online and use the coupon code without the freight charge for home delivery (core charge does not count, alternator less coupon is under $75, apparently need to buy another $25ish worth).

Most other places I deal with offer local store pickup at no charge but not Advance.

Have also run into issues before that some parts are not available online, only in store & even though web site brings up, it cannot be ordered which means cannot use coupons. Caveat y'all.

BTW there also is no way I found to e-mail a comment - phone and chat but no e-mail. Lawyers ?

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Have same issues with Advance now myself. The only way to get the best discount is to be able to find a store with desired item in stock and pick up in store. Unfortunately, a lot of Reatta items are no longer stocked in local stores anymore, and many small stocked items are not offered on the website. So I'm finding it very difficult to avail myself of their discount offers.

If you don't have a contact that can get the local store to get something your looking for into their stock so you can then order on-line and pick up, your going to have to bundle an on-line order to get it up to the free shipping minimum.

They aren't as great to deal with as they used to be. I lost my best contact at my local store, (went off to college) and regret it.

At least your closer to the Lakeland warehouse and Orlando hub then I am.

Other option I am using now more than ever is RockAuto.

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Guest blue72beetle

Just down the road from me there's an Advance Auto right beside an Autozone. I always go to the Advance, just because they give a military discount.

Problem is finding an employee that knows how to apply the discount on the computer.

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Guest Richard D

I too have an Advance store one block from an AutoZone store. Prices are slightly higher at AutoZone but staff is helpful and if store does not have needed item they can usually get it same day with discounts.

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