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Can you identify this transmission?

Guest Gabor

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I was wondering if somebody could identify this transmission.

The stamping on the side looks to be like 5ST-7006. Under that WGD and under that N2

Any help would be appreciated.


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Guest Gary Hearn

Looks like a big truck transmission to me, note the large input shaft and the cover on the side, probably for adding a power take off unit.

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Guest Murpher

I just removed the passenger floor pan of my 1952 F5 ford and saw those numbers 5ST-7006 on the side of the transmission. The truck is supposedly stock with the 239 cu in flathead V8. There's supposed to be 4 speeds in these. I just got unit and it it does not run. I guess I could dry shift and count through the shift positions to verify this. I was looking for the standard shift pattern and came across this forum. Next thing of course is to get the shop manual.



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