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1941 Dodge

Guest Killowatt

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Where do I find the motor id #

I think that my motor # is used for vin #

A lot of states used the engine number for registration purposes, so it is very possible.

I think it is on a "flat" near the front of the engine on the drivers side just below the head.

Correct for engine number.

Also look on the frame around the kick up for the rear axle on the driver's side. The engine number is also stamped there but it may be very hard to find.

You can also take the serial number from the front passenger door hinge post and send it off with some money to the Chrysler Historical Collection and get a copy of the "build card". That will show the original engine number and original body number for the car.

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Guest Backyardmechanic

If not on where dave suggested then it possable that the engine is a chysler replacementand the installer didn't stamp the numbers from the orginial engine.

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