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38 Buick fan belt

Guest RonJar

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Hi, my 38 Buick Century with the 320 is in need of a fan belt which I haven't been able to match locally.

The belt is 50" outer diameter and almost an inch wide. Inside the belt it says Firestone, there's a number 49 and U.S.A. I don't know if this the original sized belt or not.

I'm hoping someone can provide me with a part number/application that would let me order it from a local supplier, otherwise I'll have to try to order one online, but if it's not the stock belt, I may have a problem..

Thanks ..... RonJ

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Guest Grant Magrath

Ron, Bob's Automobilia should have one for you. I came unstuck with ours when I ordered all 1939 engine parts for the rebuild, including fan belt, but when it came time to fit it, it was way too small. Turns out the engine was a 1947 one with a bigger water pump pulley!

Bob's Automobilia



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I just did a quick search on NAPA's website and they list a belt for a 1938 Century. It is a grooved belt, but should work except for judging.

Belt - Accessory Drive

1938 Buick Century

Part Number: NBH 2528483

Product Line: NAPA Belts & Hoses


Belt Angle : 36 Deg

Belt Length : 48.83" (1240 mm)

Belt Top Width : .875" (22 mm)

Have questions about this item? Call your local NAPA AUTO PARTS Store at 800-LET-NAPA (800-538-6272)


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