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1957 Buick Spinner Hub Caps?


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I was looking through eBay tonight and found this RARE 1957 BUICK HUB CAPS FACTORY SPINNERS SPECIAL EDITION SET OF 4 | eBay. Wondered if this is truly something for the 1957 Buick? I have not seen them on the approved / Buick Engineered accessory listing? Does anyone have any idea on these? Are the for some other year? Hmmm?

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Hi David and Bob! Thanks! Doing fine, just enjoying the beginning of the cold season in Michigan.

I didn't think they were for a 57. Not sure where the guy got his information.

David, been enjoying your posts on the vacuum wipers..very creative. And Bob, can't wait to see the 55 4DR HTP on the cover of the catalog...

Thanks for the responses. Talk to you soon on the forum.

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I will be posting the results of my research and completion of the mysterious glove box foam install, that took about a 6-month back seat to everything else but have recently completed it. Interesting I guarantee. Also on the launching tarmac, will be my complete oil pump rebuild and vacuum pump install complete with vacuum pump drive "Key" manufacture duplication. Look for them soon. Stay Tuned!

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