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Buick City plant -Flint,Mich. BRICKS (great stocking stuffers)Ha Ha


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If your Buick has an H in the vin. # then it was built at the Buick City Complex that is being tore down.The 235 acre complex was built in 1904 and at 1-point employed 28,000 workers and now 0. I am working at the site now and collected BRICKs from the last plant to come down PLANT #5. If you would like a brick for memorabilia I am selling them for $10 a brick or 3 for $20 if you want more PM me.Also comes with CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY - shipping which will go in a US mail -med. flat rate box they charge $11 anywhere in the continental USA (shipping the same amount 1-brick or 5-brick) I will send anywhere in the world if you want to pay the shipping cost.Here are some pictures of the HISTORICAL Buick site(whats left of it).There will be NO building at all standing on site soon. I can take Paypal or check-My Paypal adress is lizottelizotte@yahoo.com and PLEASE leave your mailing adress.If you want to send a check PM me. Dont let SANTA out do you this Christmas :eek: -pick up these stocking stuffers :D Thanks Mike






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On your 1964 Riviera the # 1 after the letter K indicates it was built in Flint,Mi. Through out the past decades many different plants inside the complex has been tore down.This summer the last 3 big plants we have been tearing down.Plant #81 was the 1st. to go this summer.Plant # 10 is more then 1/2 down as of today, and Plant #5 (the plant where the bricks come from-the last Plant on complex) is almost completly gutted inside and will start the outside tear down any day.To my knowledge-No the 3800 was not made in this plant. Hope this helps :rolleyes: Mike L.

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