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Hi Rick. So, just for grins because of this thread, I have been looking around at info concerning web hosting companies. From this research I hope we are not using "1&1". But if so, tighten your seat belt and read some of these found on the first page of a Google search on "1 and 1":

Web Hosting Jury: 1and1 Review, User Reviews of 1and1

or 1and1 Sucks: 1&1 Will Rip You Off — Elliott C. Back

which then lead to: Facebook: 1&1 Internet Legal - Class Action

Oh my!!! :eek:

If the DB site is NOT hosted by this German based company, at least the info posted gives you a lot of "food for thought" and possibly even some suggestions as to better places or companies to contract hosting. I was very surprised at all this info but was happy to get "filled in" before I made any personal decisions for web site hosting companies. Thanks for the thread.

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