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fiber optic cables


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GM used fibre optic "cables" in many vehicle applications, since the middle 1970s. My '77 Camaro has one for the ash tray "light". Now, many computer networks use them rather than "wire" cables to transfer data.

In some of the '70s applications, the lamps being monitored had a large tube cast into the backside/reflector of the lamp. The fibre optic cable was inserted into the casting, sometimes with a soft, clear rubberized sleeve. Basically, the lamps were the same casting, just different labor operations to make them useable for the fibre optic monitoring equipment. On the applications like my Camaro, there was a metal "holder" on the basic wiring harness socket which held the fibre optic cable near the light bulb.

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Other than salvage yards with larger Buicks and Cadillacs from the middle 1970s or so, you might try some computer networking supply vendors.

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Thanks Guys for all the help and advice here in Florida Suncoast it is very difficult to even find parts for 30 yr old cars I have been trying California no luck as of yet but still trying. Thanks again for the help and have a Merry Chritmas/ Happy New year to you and yours!!!

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