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Buy or Short Term Borrow Arrangement

Guest Kingsley

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Guest Kingsley

Several years ago, when evaluating the risk of doing a first class replication of the Buick convertible sun visor clip and understanding the limited potential market, I decided to take the risk and make a not so minimal investment in the plastic injection molding. After a year, this project was completed and the results are my replication of this sun visor clip. While financial reward is always a consideration, having undertaken this project and, if I may say so, offerring such an outstanding product provides satisfaction outside the realm of monetary reward.

I have several new projects underway but would like to start another. I would like to make CAD drawings of the convertible weatherstripping around the side windows to use in the replication. I have found one manufacturer who did not give a flat out "No" to the idea as most others have.

Anyone have something to offer? I will buy, beg, or borrow but will stop short of adding the "steal" to that phrase above! No pun intended.

I can have a scan/CAD rather quickly and any part offerred will be returned in the same condition as received.

Anyone have anything to help?


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