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Weird Delco generator ID


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Only the numbers will determinewhat it came from. The position of the holes for the mounting studs probably indicate it came from a V8. Cadillac used such a starter/generator ounted on top of the crankcase between the cylinder blocks from the first V8 in1915, to the end of the V63 in 1924-25. Mountings for the earlier Cadillac 4 cylinder models, and a number of other cars like Hudson that

used starter/generators are different. The unit for the first electric start Cadillac in 1912 had not only double windings andsets of commutator segments, but a dual voltage system. Starting was 24 volt and battery chargingwas 6 volt, so you could be forgiven for believing that the control system was the inspiration of Rube Goldberg, rather than the genius and logic of Charles Kettering.

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