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Got Room?

Guest Mc_Reatta

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Good because I have reservations:

- needs top

- needs sound system including dash face plate (sun damage)

- been through auctions at least three times

- no shots underneath

- some interior defects obvious

- PA is a salt state (though looks like most miles in TX)


- is an early 90 with hardtop

- under (barely) 100k

All in all I have the foundling in the same color combination and really need to sell one more car before I have an open bay. Also decided I'd leave Allantes to thouse who have spare parts.

Thank you anyway,

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Nice little car! If I had some room, I'd probably go for it myself.

If it could be bought for about $3-4,000, someone cop;d get a good deal.

I'm watching that auction.

This Allanet isn't too shabby. Clean interior and exterior (saw the car but didn't drive it). Could use a couple chrome wheel caps and exterior detailing.

1992 Cadillac Allante

Being sold on consignment. Li'l birdie tells me seller will go as low as $3,200 (which means $3K). If I was looking for an Allante,...

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