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37 Roadmaster Sedan in New Hampshire $1000

Guest BJM

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1937 Buick Roadmaster - $1000 (Northwood, NH)

<HR>Date: 2011-11-28, 6:00PM EST

Reply to: sale-edgqs-2725417460@craigslist.org <SUP>[Errors when replying to ads?]</SUP>


NEEDS TOTAL RESTORATION: 1937 Buick Roadmaster - Model 80- Style 37-4719. Had this car for over 34 years, was going to restore it myself, but am running

out of time. You can pick it up in Northwood, NH or give me a call at 603-942-8438 or 603-942-8480. When I purchased this car the history was that it once belonged

to Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. but I have no paperwork to verify this, just the person who sold it to me.<!-- START CLTAGS -->

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