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power window tape-no reatta

harry yarnell

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Suspect if someone replaced many, the tape might be available in bulk/roll & just cut off what you need, probably from the same supplier that does garage door openers.

There were a number of lines that used it, I recall a recent "Wheeler Dealer's" replacing it in a SAAB.

It is really amazing what is on TV these days, particularly Discovery's "Velocity" channel (HD only - used to be HD Theater) though it can also really make you wonder (recent show was about restoration of a Delorian. Mike was complaining about how hot it was at the start and the script had it sell in the UK for a premium even though the a/c was never addressed - at the end they itemize what was done. Maybe only a Floridian would notice.)

Frankly, it was not one of the General's better ideas but did work for the warrenty period.

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Think of it as a plastic "chain". The window motor has cogs or teeth that fit into the holes in the plastic and either push or pull the tape.

The tape runs in a track and is attached to the bottom of the window.

It is but another "great" idea by the auto industry to save money by eliminating the steel parts that seldom failed.

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